2016 (current) - 'Screensaver'. Dance quartet by Janine HaringtonPremiered 14th May at TripSpace as part of Intercontinental Drifts #4

2016 (current) - 'Mass, Material and Disturbance'. Three weeks R&D with Seke Chimutengwende.  Part of TripHazard at TripSpace. 

2015 (current) - ‘Two to Tune’.  New dance duet by Lola Maury, with Laureline Richard.  Supported by The Place, London.  Premiered on 22nd April 2015, further performances in UK and Mainland Europe 2016 and 2017.

2015 - 'My Other Life'. R&D with Eva Recacha.  Supported by The Place, London.  Performed work-in-progress as part of Touch Wood in Summer 2015.

2015  - ‘Cupid and Psyche’.  Performer/collaborator with 'New Art Club'.  One week R&D at The Curve, Leicester.  

2015  -  Performer with dance-theatre company, The Mostly Everything People, ‘Emerging Artists for 2015’ at Canada Water Culture Space.  Most recent performances - 'POMP', June 2015 - Canada Water Culture Space, and ‘Saying Nothing’, March 2014 - Salisbury Arts Centre.

2014 - ‘It’s for you’.  Improvised duet with Timothy Clark.  Performed 5 nights as part of Emerge Festival, November 2014 at The Space, Isle of Dogs, London.

2014 - ‘Under The Cobblestones’. Dance film by Gabriela Tropia, based on the 2013 theatre work by Igor and Moreno. Film premiered at The Place 24th June 2014, winning second prize in Freedom of Expression Awards 2014.